Automation Software Engineer



Staycity is the fastest-growing Aparthotel group in Europe, currently operating 3,000 units, growing to 5,000 by end of 2021, and on a roadmap to hit 15,000 by 2024.

We are an ambitious company focused on best-in-class service and growing rapidly.

To fulfil our ambitions and growth plans we are looking for an Automation Software Engineer to owns several automation projects that will allow us to scale reducing the number of manual tasks performed by the different Staycity teams, both in head office and our aparthotels estate.

Staycity leverages several systems to operate: from a Property Management System, an Internet Booking Engine, a Financial ERP system, to Customer Management System, Payment Service Provider(s), etc.

While there is a level of interoperability across systems, the architecture and diversity of platforms do not always allow for full automation out of the box. There are thousands of man hours spent in repetitive tasks that can be automated through clever technology solutions.

We are looking for an experienced and bright problem solver who can look at current processes across the business and automate them as much as possible, freeing up time for more high value tasks.

This is an exciting role for a candidate who enjoys working across many aspects of the business and likes working with different technologies and a diverse set of challenges.

The role is based in Dublin and will require occasional travel to sites in our network.


  • You will manage a list of processes to be improved, document them and rank them according to the potential business impact
  • You will agree priorities with upper management and work with the relevant teams to fully understand and scope the processes to be automated
  • You will come up with ideas and solutions to automate processes, either through coding the solution yourself, selecting a 3rd party software that solves the issue, or managing 3rd parties involved in the resolution
  • You will scope time & cost implications of your solutions to facilitate return on investment analysis and workload prioritization


Required Skills

  • At least 8 years of back-end software development experience in a professional capacity
  • Demonstrated experience with multiple programming languages, scripting languages and rapid application development tools (a mix between typed, non-typed, object-oriented, scripting & functional preferred)
  • Experience with a wide array of API formats (Rest, XML/RPC, etc), authentication mechanisms (OAuth etc), cloud and web based systems.
  • Demonstrated experience with SQL databases, ER design, performance tuning
  • Solid experience with 3rd party system integrations (from API integration to error handling, failover, reporting, error mitigation techniques, batch processing)
  • Experience in setting up production environments, monitoring, resource management, automated testing and deployment pipelines.

Candidate attributes

  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • High energy, positive and respectful/polite attitude
  • Attitude to learn and work happily with a wide variety of different technologies
  • Ability to think creatively and pragmatically – e.g.: don’t necessarily write code if there are simpler no-code solutions at your disposal
  • Comfortable managing several projects at once & working in a high paced environment

Desirable experience

Experience in one or more of:

  • Robotic Process Automation tools
  • Automated Screen Scaping
  • Enterprise Service Bus architectures
  • Rapid Application Development tools (AWS Honeycomb / Microsoft PowerApps)
  • Excel add-ins, Outlook add-ins, Microsoft Flows